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Friday, May 8, 2009

What Happens at Open Studio?

I thought you might like to see some photos of recent open studio creations at Martin's Glass House.

Remember - you can create pretty much anything you can imagine at open studio sessions - but you must first attend the Fusing Basics workshop!

(Click on any image to see it in a larger format.)


The sweater above is one that Dorothy made for Esther - not at open studio. We only work with glass here (and occasionally with clay)! They came to open studio together to create buttons for the sweater.

Both Dorothy and Esther have previously attended a Button Frenzy workshop. Great job, ladies! You learned a lot! They look mahvelous!

Dorothy and Esther made six buttons; only four were used for the sweater. What fun! Here are photos of the four buttons used on the sweater.


It took Barb about four open studio sessions to assemble her clock inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright designs.

First cutting pieces... drilling a hole in the base... assembling pieces...

Then, assembling and gluing pieces in place... assembling and gluing more pieces in place...

Then assembling and gluing more pieces... and finally it was ready to fire in the kiln.

We did a tack fuse to just hold all the pieces in place without changing their shapes.

This is the clock - without hands. Barb strategically located four black rectangles to indicate 3-6-9-12 on the clock.

The hands will be installed at open studio tonight. I'll update this post with a photo of the finished clock when it's done.

I'm eager to see it. Aren't you?!


I think Patty was inspired by drop vases made at the Pineapple Fruit of the Month workshop.

A little push and pull on the pieces at assembly to get them in the correct position to stretch upon dropping was all it took. It's always a surprise to see how these turn out!

This one is very pretty!

Here is a photo looking into the vase from top down.

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