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Friday, May 8, 2009


What a wonderfully sweet and juicy treat we had at the Fruit of the Month workshop this month! My, oh my... the pineapples were as delicious to see as they were to taste!

I made a trip to Denver a few days before the workshop, so I was able to pick up some "Honey Pine" pineapples from Sunflower Market. Oh, were they divine!

They were great references for the projects - and some of them even had seeds in them! Next time you have fresh pineapple, look for the little black seeds in the pulp of the fruit!

In the photo above: Top Center, Tracy; Second Tier (left to right), Lisa, Chris, Dorothy; Front Row (left to right), Patty, Christy, Sara.

We had chunks and slices of pineapple to use as reference, as well as whole pineapples that were very similar in appearance to Patty's whole pineapple dish in the photo above! :-)

Once again, each person had a very unique design, though I have to admit that I had to check now and then to see whose was whose as I was unloading and identifying each!

Dorothy created a dish with both the outside and the inside design of the pineapple on one plate - and added a cherry on top!

Patty made the full-sized pineapple dish and achieved a very clever design for the outside of the pineapple. Great job cutting the leaves on the ring saw, too!

We got the kiln loaded and fired it up that night. Now all the dishes are ready to go to their homes!

Enjoy the before and after photos, below! Click on the whole image to see it in a larger format. Better yet, come to Fruit of the Month workshops to see everything being created!

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