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Monday, January 18, 2010


What great projects everyone made at the Intro to Fusing workshop that we held this past Saturday! I've put photos together for you to see... Click on a photo to enlarge it for closer viewing... Enjoy! c@

Project I

Everyone began by making a square design... with individual pieces put
under a clear cover. Options were given to fuse the piece flat to use as display art, or to slump the piece in a mold to use it as a plate.

Precision cutting techniques with strip cutter and hand scoring tools, together with color planning (not to mention mechanical coordination to flip the piece over to add accent pieces to the top) were skills in high demand. Everyone was encouraged to try using a repeating pattern and/or vitrigraph for motion in their design.

The project was challenging - but everyone did quite well, as you can see from the photos above! I think everyone learned many techniques that will help them on future projects.

And a huge round of applause, please, for Laura - who is color blind and put together a lovely piece of display art!

Project II

While all the square projects were being designed, each person had an opportunity to cut a circle to use for their second project. All the circles came out perfect - on the first try! Excellent work, ladies! And, congratulations to Kristi who even cut a second circle for her project!

Circle cutting accomplished, each person was to design a piece that could be draped over a mold.
Some chose to make their bowls textured by including some coarse frit and having the pieces fired using a contour fuse, Kristi chose frit and dots to create a design, and Carrie and Suzanne experimented with frit to fill in spaces between their designs.

Such cheery, colorful pieces that were created!

Project III

Then everyone learned a few techniques to hang glass by creating some pendants. We used fibers to create channels and fine silver wire to make pendant bails.

Everyone had a chance to experiment with dichroic glass and learn about dichroic glass.

All in all, I think everyone will enjoy their creations for a long time, and should feel proud to use and display them!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here is the January 2010 calendar of events! Just click on it to enlarge and print it.

I've been working diligently to come up with some new ideas and fun projects for this year, so hope to see you all at one or more of these class offerings!

Coming this year... New Project Ideas, AND New classes for Intermediate and Advanced Fusers! Watch the calendars for these new classes!

I have the workshop
descriptions, together with a few reminders and some other updates - especially the new "????" of the Month Workshop - below.

Here are suggestions we received for the next "????" of the Month:

"Flower" of the Month *

"Snowflake" of the Month *

"Fungus" of the Month *

"Garden Item" of the Month (which could include flowers and fungi) *

Since I already have some fun projects in mind for “Garden Object of the Month,” I’m going to go with that, and as usual we always come up with other good ideas when we get together! Regardless of the project, it will be great to get together to just enjoy glass fusing with other enthusiasts! And, by the end of the year you will have learned quite a bit if you stick with it! So, let’s see what happens!

(*If you want to make a specific "Flower," "Snowflake," or "Fungus" of the Month, we suggest that you attend the Fusers at Work times scheduled.)



> If you see a class that you like, but you are unable to attend, we can schedule an additional time and date for the same class that works for you as long as you have a minimum of four people who plan to attend and pre-pay for the class.

> If you have an idea for a class, please contact us to create it for you. We also arrange parties with special projects for groups. Just give us a call!

1/13 Dabblers' Delight - Beginner Projects, 6 PM - 9 PM

Come make new friends and meet other new glass fusers! This class is designed to give you a sampling of fused glass projects and techniques. You will be introduced to very basic glass fusing techniques to produce a small selection of projects, and to learn some basics about creating and hanging fused glass pieces. Projects: two - or all three, if time permits... sun catcher, night light, and cabochons.

A minimum of four students is required, so bring a friend! Fee: $50.00, includes all materials, firing and instruction; findings are extra depending on student's choice and design for using cabochons as bookmarks, jewelry or magnets. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.

1/16 Intro to Glass Fusing, 9 AM - 1 PM

Note: This class is designed for beginners with little to no glass fusing experience.

Now that you have a taste for glass fusing, you'll want to know more about how to design and predict results for your fused glass projects. This class will give you some in-depth information about glass fusing, including: terminology, techniques, types of glass, methods of constructing projects, basic design, layering and texture options, cutting and shaping glass. You will create a plate, a bowl and two hanging objects.

Minimum of four students is required. Fee: $75, includes all materials, firing, instruction - and snacks! Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.

1/20 Fun with Garden Objects, 6 PM - 9 PM

Note: This class is recommended for students who already have some basic glass fusing experience, but is open to all regardless of prior experience if you are willing to learn as you go.

This is it - Garden Object of the Month! You'll have a great time creating and, by the end of the year will have learned multiple techniques and methods for glass fusing, made a lot of new friends, and have a lot to show for your efforts!

This first class will include construction of a fused glass ornament to display on a copper wire hanger . The hanger is designed so that you can rotate the ornaments seasonally and for holidays. Once you have your copper wire hanger, you can continue to make more hanging objects each month - such as seasonal designs, during Fusers at Work! We will have patterns available for you to use to design your ornament, or you can come with your own ideas!

Minimum of four students is required, so bring a friend! Fee: $45, includes all materials, firing and instruction. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.

1/30 Photo Frames & Dichro Jewels, 9 AM - NOON

Note: This workshop is designed for advanced beginners and intermediate glass fusers.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! Seems like we just did a lot of gift exchanging, and you might be a little shy on new ideas. This class is just time for you to learn new techniques, and then have some fun gifts for yourself or to give away!

You will make a minimum of two photo frames - or a photo frame and a mirror. If time permits, you can make a pendant/earrings set for yourself or a gift! You will be learning to use not only art glass designed for glass fusing, but you will have the opportunity to create using recycled glass, too.

Minimum of four students required! Fee: $50, includes all materials, firing and instruction. Pre-registration and pre-payment is required.

Fusers at Work!

“Fusers at Work” was originally called "Open Studio" time. Though the name has changed, you still must call at least one day in advance to schedule your use of the studio and equipment. During Fusers at Work you can make any project you like – as few or many projects as you would like.

When you schedule time to use the studio, we expect you to have a general understanding of glass fusing, as well as a fairly good handle on being able to cut glass and design your own projects. There will always be someone here to answer unavoidable questions and to offer suggestions if needed. You also have access to reference materials and project ideas offered in books and other publications.

There is a $10.00 fee for every session of Fusers at Work that you attend which covers use of the studio, tools and equipment. Glass and other fusing materials will cost extra, depending on what types of projects you make and materials you choose. There will be an average price guideline available for you to determine what your project would cost, also depending on the types of materials you select.