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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cat's Basket Weave Cake - Before the Collapse

Fortunately, we took photos of this cake before it left Michael's!

This was my first attempt at making a basket weave cake. Looks pretty good in this photo; but by the time I got home, the basket was pretty much pulling the cake off the sides. Probably too much weight from all the frosting, as I drove very carefully and there was very little traffic going home.

Pretty much the same flowers as used in the tiered cake (previous post), with the addition of daffodils on this cake.

The blue birds were made from gum paste. I'm going to try putting some powdered "dust" on the birds (and other items) in the future to make them stand out a little better - look fancier.

This is a carrot cake with sour cream-raisin filling from a recipe I found in an old cookbook I checked out from the public library. Caramel Penuche Icing mixed with Buttercream Icing for the frosting.

The cake isn't going anywhere... it's a mess!

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