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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Here are some photos of pieces that will be shown at the RATED "M" art show at the Laramie Civic Center - Opening June 30th, and running through the whole month of July.

Morning Reverie
This piece (glass only) is almost 12" square, so it's pretty large/tall in the display stand.  It's very cool, though, I think.  You should go down to see it in person!
'57 T-Bird: White with Pink Interior

This is one of my favorites!  I like it even more with the diamond plate stand!  This is a "pattern bar" piece.  The "striped" pieces that form the echelon shape are wafer-thin cross-sectional slices from a glass tile that I made, then arranged to formed a repeating pattern on the whole fused piece.  The tall aluminum bars sticking out above the glass are "antennae".  I still hope to get to the salvage yard to find some old, but good condition, car antennae to insert into the posts.

Blonde Bombshells
OK.  I love this one, too!  It's a 9" wide bowl, about 2" deep, constructed with repeating pattern bars to form the "blonde" ladies holding red and yellow shopping bags.  You can tell which is the bottom of the piece - the ladies are wearing red shoes!

 This is the smallest piece in the show -  only about 5" x 9", another pattern bar piece.  The bottom is where the blue water is... sort of reminds me of a Venice canal.

Ikebana Sunrise
This was a fun piece to create.  I made it with "vitrigraph" - pieces of glass that I made by "melting" scraps of glass in a clay flower pot, then pulling the melted glass through the hole in the flower pot to create twists of stretched glass.  It's my impression of an Ikebana floral arrangement, just from what I learned about Ikebana by searching the web.

Potential Energy
This was another FUN piece of art to create!  The green, white and clear "stripes" you see in the photo are really strips of glass that are turned on edge, arranged into a circular pattern.  Within the circle is a tile that I made, also turning strips of various colors of glass on edge and forming the zig-zag pattern.  Once all of these pieces were arranged - a very time intensive process, the whole thing was fused together into one beautiful piece.  I love it!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

For this show, I collaborated with Josh Meranda who made custom-welded display stands for me.

 There are some new items in the WOW! gift shop, as well. Ya' all get down to the show and buy something! I have a lot of display stand expenses to cover!  :-)