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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RECAP: 2010 Garden Objects of the Month!

Yes, it's been ALL YEAR since I've put any photos on the blog of the Garden Object of the Month Workshops!

Part of the reason is because some of the fusers haven't finished their projects at the studio, but finished them at home instead - and I never get to see the finished work! So, you don't, either! We've been having a great time, though...

We've been busy - and even though I
thought I would be getting Spring Cleaning done in May, it hasn't completely happened! A lot of twists and turns in the weather made me feel like it was still winter, so not much got done. Maybe this month???

We have some really cool new (to us) glass shelving, though, that I picked up at a thrift shop in Denver that was closing its doors to become a collection center for the Salvation Army. They look fabulous - and probably already need to be dusted again! You need to come by to see them! If you don't have time to come up to the studio, just drive by... You might be able to see them through the windows!

These photos don't
show everyone's finished projects, but it will give you an idea of what we've been doing. Just click on the images to see them in a larger format. I hope seeing the photos will entice you to come join us before the year is over!

There are still several months left in the year... Remember: the people who come to the GOOM (Garden Object of the Month) Workshops pick the projects that they'll be doing the next month. So, if you're waiting for something in particular to come along to make for your indoor or outdoor garden, you MIGHT just have to BE HERE to make sure it gets picked as a project!

Hope you enjoy looking at the images in the blog from February through May! Feel free to tell your friends and family to check the blog to look for your work here!