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Monday, March 1, 2010

March Calendar

Here is the schedule for workshops and Fusers at Work times in March! Just click on the calendar to enlarge it for viewing and/or printing!

We WILL be open during Spring Break, so if you are around and wanting to do some glass fusing - especially if you haven't had a chance to try fusing yet, grab someone else you know and let's schedule a Spring Break Party!

Can't wait for Intro to Fusing? We can schedule a special class for you as long as you have three other people who want to take the class with you!


The Fusers at Work times are scheduled to allow you to work on any project you choose. You may also use these times to come to the studio to put finishing touches on projects that you have made in a workshop. There is very minimal instruction at Fusers at Work. Students attending these times are expected to know basic cutting and fusing techniques. Intro to Fusing is a requirement to attend any Fusers at Work scheduled date.

Please remember to always call in advance to schedule your time for Fusers at Work!

Wednesday, March 24, 6 PM - 9 PM
Workshop Fee: $50.00
No minimum class size; maximum 14 students.

Each month at the GOOM workshop, participants select the date and project for the following month. The Garden Object project selected for March is Garden Chimes!

Here is a photo of a set of Garden Chimes that I made last week, which is currently on display and for sale at Gallery West - The Frame Plant downtown on Ivinson (between Jeffrey's Bistro and The Bead Shop). You'll want to hang your chimes in a sheltered area, or in a window to look out at your garden!

We have some patterns available at the studio for your project, or you can design your own. We also already have a hefty supply of aspen branches for you to hang your chimes, in case you were wondering what you could use. You can, however, use many found objects if you use your imagination! Now all you need to do is sign up to come and make your project!

Please reserve your spot at least one week prior to the workshop. Payment of the fee is required in advance to confirm your reservation. We accept checks and credit cards. If paying by credit card, please call 307-399-6441. Checks can be mailed to Martin's Glass House at 2315 Douglas Dr., Laramie WY 82070.

Saturday, March 27, 9 AM - 3 PM
Workshop Fee: $75.00

Minimum of 4 students required for class to be held, so recruit a friend to join you!

I've included some photos here of a few pieces made by past students - Carrie's square plate, and Laura's draped bowl.

Intro to Fusing is a glass fusing class designed for beginners. You will learn basic designing skills, glass cutting techniques, what happens to glass when it is fired in the kiln, and what types of glass are suitable for fusing. You will also make up to four projects to incorporate different surface textures on your pieces, as well as learn two techniques for hanging glass pieces.

Several hours have been scheduled to make sure you have plenty of time to finish your pieces, though you are welcome to leave sooner if you finish your projects early! We will take a lunch break, so please plan to bring what you would like to eat for lunch (fridge, microwave available). Snacks and beverages will be provided.

You must register at least a week in advance for this workshop, and pre-payment is required to confirm your registration.

We accept checks and credit cards. If paying by credit card, please call 307-399-6441. Checks can be mailed to Martin's Glass House at 2315 Douglas Dr., Laramie WY 82070.

Wednesday, March 31, 6 PM - 9 PM
Project Fee: $35.00 includes one 10"x10" mold; additional molds $15.00 each

Minimum class size: 2 students, so be sure to invite a friend to come with you!

Learn to make bisque fusing molds for your projects. We will be designing unique molds out of clay - carving or stamping designs into the clay to make our own individual designs. These molds can be used multiple times for firing your projects so that you can use the same design on several pieces to make a matching set. If you have items that you want to use for creating your design, please bring them to the workshop!

For an example, I slumped a large bottle on the mold you see in the photo above.

The calender photo shows bowls that I made using a different mold that I made.

The finished result shows the design "carved" into the bottle.

Think of the possibilities for your very own design being embellished in a complete serving set, or set of plates for salads and desserts - or maybe even some holiday ornaments, night lights... or ???

The workshop fee includes one fusing mold that is 10" x 10". You may create an additional mold if time permits for only $15 more.

Lots to offer this month! Looking forward to seeing you!