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Wednesday, February 2, 2011



I don't know what the weather is where you live, but here at Martin's Glass House we've been having some severely frigid temperatures this week - like 38 below this morning!  It sure looks sunny, but it sure isn't warm!  Even the dog doesn't want to go outside!

If one is brave enough to venture out in this weather, the possibility is great that a Zipper Flipper might be necessary on your jacket.  If the wind and snow are blowing, you'll want to be able to zip your jacket ALL the way up as fast as you can!  If you have gloves on, you can do this easily if you have a Zipper Flipper on your zipper pull.  You'll find it right away - and up it goes!

If you're not out in the cold now, though, you might be headed that way when the temps get warmer... Say, above 0?  Maybe skiing or snowshoeing... or ice fishing?  When you're exercising and get too warm, you still don't have to remove your gloves to move your zipper down just a little, quickly and easily if you have a Zipper Flipper!
 And even f you're not an outdoor person, you might be headed to go out shopping for ingredients to make some nice hot soup!  A Zipper Flipper is great for your jacket, too - when you get to the store or when you're leaving, it's easy to quickly flip the zipper up or down so you can be on your way without fumbling with shopping carts, bags, coupons and tasks at the cash register

 Are you planning to stay indoors in the cold?  Say, sitting by the fireplace catching up on some reading?  How about a Zipper Flipper for your hoodie or Bible cover?

While the Martin's Glass House Zipper Flippers are not designed for children under 3 years old because of the small parts, you will find that they have been made with quality construction for others.  No Zipper Flipper leaves our studio without extra twists on metal findings to hold parts securely.  

Double split-rings are used so that the ornamental parts of the Zipper Flippers are easy to move or rotate slightly, and the rings are sturdy enough to withstand a great deal of pulling.

Get one for yourself!  Give some as gifts!  Zipper Flippers are great!

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