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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sarah's Sushi Rolls!

As promised, here are photos of Sarah's sushi rolls! Now... just don't ask me to recall what exactly was in each one.

All I know is that they were good, especially since everyone seemed to inhale them!

If you would like more information on the sushi rolls, Sarah does take orders for them. You can contact her by email at .

I have almost a dozen photos so that you can see everything that was served.
If you would like to see any of the photos in a larger format, just click on the image to enlarge it.

Seeing everything displayed on the kitchen island was quite impressive - very artistic! Amazing, actually! Pretty... but, that didn't actually stop anyone from eating everything!

However, since I am not a big fan of "nori" (to me, sea weed is sea weed is sea weed and you can't pull anything over on me on that one), Sarah made a special sushi roll just for me wrapped in chard (which I shared with Phil - it was rather large). I know for a fact that IT was very good! :-)

Phil especially enjoyed the heat of the wasabi... served with fresh ginger.
Make anything hot enough for Phil and he's happy as a three-legged dog getting itches scratched that he can't reach! This is the wasabi with fresh ginger...

The fruit salad was quite yummy - the fresh plums were delicious!

And there were some little tofu and rice rolls that were somewhat sweet - very pleasant to the taste buds.

I contributed a few items to the mix: wasabi peas, wasabi almonds and some homemade almond cookies with pastel sprinkles on top (sorry - no photos of the cookies, and they're all gone now).
I think the other cookies - just plain old white chocolate chip cookies with some dark chocolate chips in them - also were well-received.

And we had a nice display of chopsticks going on, too...
We wish you could have been there, but maybe we'll see you next time!
If you have another idea for a workshop or party - especially now that we know FOOD is a HUGE draw for a crowd - just let me know so that we can get it planned.
Thanks to Deb for suggesting this workshop theme!
Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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