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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just a reminder - it is not too late to start taking part in the Fruit of the Month workshops!
So far, we've made Kiwi (January), Papaya (February), Grapefruit (March)... and coming up in April: BLUEBERRIES!

The dish samples (above, left) are Cat's. There is a 9" round bowl at the top right, and a 5" round bowl in the wrought iron standing spoon rest. These were all done on a clear base, using glass frit for the pulp/fruit, glass "dots" for seeds, and glass stringers for membranes that section the fruit. Does anyone know what the white part is called?

The four small 3" square dishes in front were samples made to see what color combinations of glass frit might work to make the dishes look like grapefruit. They are edged with glass noodles.


Students used a combination of glass frit, stringers and glass chips cut with mosaic nippers to create their dishes.

Front Row: Laura (left), Sara (right)
Back Row: Dorothy (left), Patty (right)

We've all been having a great time - and learning to overcome the challenges that come with trying to make glass look like fruit!

We've also been sampling some interesting recipes that call for the fruits we've made in glass. Last month we all sampled Kiwi Papaya Salsa - YUMMY! This month we tried Grapefruit Apple Crisp ... Well, what can I say about it? Maybe not the best use for grapefruit, but it was certainly an "interesting" recipe that probably should only be tried for the fun of it.

I am definitely looking forward to Blueberries next month. I like them just plain, but if someone has a good - or interesting - recipe for using them, we'll give it a try! Just email your recipe to me at If we use your recipe, we'll give you some kind of prize - or at least recognition for your contribution!

Hoping to see you at the next Fruit of the Month workshop! Be thinking of a fruit that YOU would like to make, and bring your ideas!


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