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Thursday, June 5, 2008


It's exciting living across the street from a wetland - or IN a wetland!

We woke up this morning to see that we have a pond (not quite a lake again yet, but working on it) again in our front yard after a tremendous thunderstorm last night. The ducks were back in the pond this morning - and this afternoon they were cruising in the drainage ditch.

It rained constantly all night long and throughout the whole day today.

Across the street, the house is an island. The newspaper reporter was just there taking photos and interviewing the owner who, at the time, was trying to bail out her crawl space, keep the dogs occupied by throwing sticks into the water to keep them from chasing the dead animals that the water was surfacing, and talk to the gas company guy who had to wade into the water to shut off the gas.

The water this week is backing up mainly on the other side of the road, and is now flowing down the street. Our yard is in the foreground of this photo - the house across the street in the background, and the water is seen here at the corner of the road. The fire marshal was here (he lives in the neighborhood) to investigate. He discovered that someone at the far end of our drainage ditch has permanently blocked off the flow of the ditch into the river - consequently, the water has been backing upstream in our yards.

Here is where the water is crossing the road and beginning to flood our neighbor's neighbor's yard. This photo was taken at about 2 pm today.

Here is our neighbor's neighbor's house across the street from us where the water flooded their yard - photo taken at about 5:30 p.m. That's our driveway in the center foreground.

The good thing about this is, Phil isn't going to have to mow the lawn for a while. Also, it's keeping them varmits a bit under control this year - and Skippy continues to do his part to help. Not sure what it's going to do for our wiffle ball tournament and BBQ this Sunday, though!

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