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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Buttons at Martin's Glass House!

Come see some of the newest Button creations at Martin's Glass House!

Whether you knit or sew your own clothing and accessories, you can buy some really great buttons to add a special touch - or make your own custom buttons to really personalize your outfits!

These black iridescent fused glass buttons reflect the light in a rainbow of colors. Sizes vary from 3/4" square to 1-1/4" square; but in any size, they will add a touch of glitz to your sweaters and purses. If you want just one accent button, the size can be made even larger - or in any shape!

How do you like these tiny blue pillows of clear dichroic fused glass? These buttons are a mere 1/2" square. Light and delicate for sweaters or shirts. This clear dichroic glass reflects blue / aqua colors of light, but other colors are available.

Do you want even smaller buttons? These tiny gems are 3/8" squares made from transparent cobalt glass with 1/4" cobalt dichroic glass squares on top. These smaller buttons have smaller diameter metal button shanks.

Nothing could be more elegant and fun than these black fused glass buttons with 22-karat gold decals. Sizes vary from 1" square to 1-1/4" square with acrylic button shanks. Decal designs include flowers, leaves, trees, hearts, snowflakes (seasonal), cats, horses... so they may vary from what you see here. If you are placing a custom order, you may specify which designs you would prefer and we will try to accommodate your requests. Other button colors may also be requested.

These rectangles (1" x 1-1/4") of white fused glass buttons with a double overlay of clear dichroic glass will go with practically anything! Great as a focal piece, or use two to close a knitted cape.

Multi-color fused glass with an inclusion of fine silver wire provide accents of casual fun to your outfit. As shown, these red and black 1" squares include pieces of pattern bars, along with butterfly, fish and squiggle designs.

Nautical and Nice for your little children's knitted and sewn creations! Nothing could be more fun than these rectangles (1/2" x 3/4") of red, yellow, blue and white with little sail boat and duckling accents. This is a one-of-a-kind set, but custom orders may be requested.

Glass sandwich buttons! Can be made any size, any color - squares or rectangles. As shown, these range in size from 1/2" squares to 1/2" x 1" rectangles.

Tic-Tac-Toe, anyone? Strategic placement of colored and dichroic glass dots add an element of playfulness to these fused glass buttons. One-ince squares of black with white stringers create the game board, but these can be made any colors for custom orders!

Remember, you can also come to Open Studio times and Workshops at Martin's Glass House to make your own button creations! Check our calendar for dates and times!